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HIAB XS 288 orta sınıf bir vinçtir. Maksimum kaldırma kapasitesi 24,2 tm olan vinç 12,6 metreden 1760 kg kaldırma kapasitesine sahip. Tüm HIAB modellerinde olduğu gibi bu vincin alt modelleri ve geniş opsiyon seçenekleri mevcuttur.






Thanks to the VSL function drivers can give

their full attention to driving the crane. The

crane’s intelligent system (SPACE) automatically

takes care of the stability – something

that improves safety for you and those

around you.


The Hiab XSDrive has been ergonomically

developed to relieve you of stress and strain

in hands, arms and back. The load indicators

provide information for quick and correct

actions while work is on-going. There are also

a number of accessories that can be added in

order to fi nd the ideal control solution for you.



With the Hiab CombiDrive2 you can position

yourself at the best possible location when

operating the crane. It features 24 proportional

and 12 on/off functions for controlling

the crane, optional equipment and accessories,

all with the same precision.

Valve 91

The Hiab Valve 91 represents the pinnacle

of valve technology, handling very large oil

throughputs. It is a closed-centre, pressurecompensated,

load-sensing control valve,

providing the operator with fi nger-tip feel

when handling the crane.

Valve 80

The Hiab Valve 80 is a top-of-the-line opencentre

valve based on well-proven technique

which gives superb reliability. The valve

handles large oil fl ows and provides great

precision and ease of operation.

Pump Flow Distribution (PFD)

Hiab cranes can handle the highest oil throughput in the

market. But skilled crane drivers, able to operate several

functions at the same time, want even more from their

crane. And Hiab delivers, with PFD. In situations where

the operator is working at the limits and using multiple

functions simultaneously, even the largest pump may not

be able to supply enough oil. This can result in the crane

acting unpredictably, but not if your crane is equipped

with PFD. This innovative system distributes the available

oil in proportion to the operator’s lever movements. All

functions will continue to work just as expected with no

disturbances or surprises, although you require more oil

fl ow than available. Once full oil fl ow is restored, it is full

speed ahead once again.

PFD has proven extremely useful in practice. Even at an

oil fl ow of 100 l/min, the system activates three times per

load cycle during normal use. If you demand maximum

convenience and productivity from your crane, you

should not settle for less than a crane equipped with PFD.


Angling the outer boom upwards relative to

the inner boom gives greater accessibility in

confined spaces.

JIC couplings

JIC couplings are standard on most Hiab

cranes. They ensure easy and secure

coupling, but are still very simple to disconnect

for service.

Side supports for stability

The side supports greatly improve the

performance when for example excavating or

performing other high-stress tasks.


An inner boom link makes it possible to lift

a heavier load close to the column, and the

outer boom link helps in lifting to higher

positions such as scaffolding. The outer boom

link does not protrude below the boom and

thereby does not interfere with any load

placed under the boom

Load-holding valve

The load-holding valve is a combined

hose-failure and load-holding valve which is

mounted on the cylinder.

High boom warning

When the pressure is on and you need to get

to the next job fast, mistakes can happen. For

example, if a driver forgets to park the crane,

the consequences could be serious. In these

situations, you’ll appreciate a safety function

like high boom warning. The SPACE system

continuously monitors the boom position.

If the crane is left in its upright position, an

indicator lamp in the cabin will alert the driver

before driving away.